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Located on over 100-acres in beautiful Sage, CA

just on the gateway to Temecula Wine Country

Any encounter or experience offered a Diamond Valley Lodge is 100% based in offering the visitor Wildlife Conservation-Preservation Education.

Our Ambassador Animals serve a critical function in connecting visitors with this species and inspiring them to become involved with conservation.

There is indeed a beauty and a magic to the connection between jungle beast and human. The visitors here are touched by the experience, so much that it leaves them misty eyed with happy emotions!

The difference between our facility and some of the others, is it our lead tiger behaviorist works hands-on or “free contact” with our tigers.
He has 30 years experience as an expert doing this.

We prefer this method as it allows us to provide a greater level of husbandry and better veterinary care to our animals. We operate using positive reinforcement to achieve this.

We are incredibly proud of our 100% Perfect Record of Animal Care and 100% Perfect Record of Animal Safety, that goes along with those 30 Years of Tiger Care Experience!

Diamond Valley Lodge is proud to share

Diamond Valley Lodge
is proud to share

the newest wildlife ambassadors of our wildlife family...

Tiger Show




Come see our Royal White Tiger Menagerie and
share an intimate encounter at the Diamond Valley Lodge!

Tiger Show

Come meet our wildlife family and our newest wildlife ambassadors, “Zara” our Orange Bengal Tiger Cub and “Sage” our Royal White Tiger Cub. Contact us to learn about upcoming events. 


English Afternoon Tea & Tea with Tigers (early summer)!


Wedding Event?

If you’re looking for an experience off the beaten path, or tending toward the exotic you have come to the right place. The lodge offers the finest in the world of remarkable experiences. Our stunning tigers add “incredible, amazing, one of a kind” to your special day. Moments that can never be equaled nor forgotten by you and your guests. Just imagine….

Our weddings packages are designed with you in mind, but with the flexibility you’ve been looking for. Diamond Valley Lodge is that one stop shop for weddings. With over 20 years of experience you are in great hands From the first appointment to the day after your wedding we take care of the details while you and your Fiancé enjoy the journey.

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You are one step away from creating your exotic dream wedding that will leave your guests speechless and talking about it for years to come.

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